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Kenan Hill Design LLC

Kenan Hill, owner & design consultant

I believe I was born with an observational mind and a spacial view of the world, always enjoying maps and arranging things. I remember being 11 or 12 years old looking for blank pages in our church bulletins so I could draw diagrams of my bedroom and how I could rearrange my furniture. I always had an art or craft project (or ten) in process. Unfortunately the American school system doesn’t typically place a lot of value on the arts, so I spent four years focused on studying STEM subjects (first at the NC School of Science & Mathematics, followed by UNC-Chapel Hill). And then I did a 180 to what I love: studio art and art history. I ended up with a degree in painting, but I didn’t lose my appreciation for numbers and calculations.

This marriage of right and left brain informs my whole approach to design. It’s as calculated as it is intuitive. I love color, texture, and historical references. I like to think of myself as a design counselor of sorts–helping clients find their way to what makes them happy. Here are some of the services I can provide:


Home design consulting | Whether you want to edit your existing home decor, furnish a new space, or need help making decisions and sourcing materials during a renovation, I’m available to lend my eye for color, texture, and composition.

Art consulting | Art is like jewelry for your home, and it can be the perfect element to complete a space. I can use my training in studio art and art history to help you make art selections. I’m available to source pieces, facilitate commissions, or simply give guidance for the art media, scale, and/or colors that would best suit your home.

Garden design consulting | Let me guide you in selecting plants that will thrive in your conditions and will bring you joy throughout the year!

Contact me for more information and pricing. Each offering is a bespoke arrangement with the client to best suit your needs.