Hi, I’m Kenan!

(That’s Kenan with a long e, like key.)

I’m a multi-hyphenate creative who loves to use my right and left brain. In other words, I do a lot of different things and I like numbers and logic as well as creativity and intuition. 

I believe I was born with an observational mind and a spatial view of the world, always enjoying maps and arranging things. I remember as a child looking for blank pages in our church bulletins so I could draw diagrams of my bedroom and how I could rearrange my furniture. I always had an art or craft project (or ten) in process. I spent four years focused on studying STEM subjects (first at the NC School of Science & Mathematics, followed by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). And then I made a big pivot to what I love: studio art and art history. I finished school with a degree in fine art painting, but I didn’t lose my appreciation for numbers and calculations.

This marriage of right and left brain informs my whole approach to art and design. It’s as calculated as it is intuitive. I love color, texture, and historical references. I enjoy finding chemistry between old and new. I love to highlight a piece of furniture that’s passed down from family or get someone excited about a small business that hand-makes brass light fixtures. And on a human level, I like to think of myself as a design therapist of sorts–helping clients find their way to what makes them feel best in their space. 

I live in Atlanta with my husband, Nick, and two sons, Griffin and Perry. 



All above photography from Lauren Carnes Photography.

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