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Apple cider can be wonderful on its own, but why not jazz it up with some warm spices and then spike it with your choice of spirit?  You can save some time by making a batch cocktail for your Thanksgiving gathering (which hopefully isn’t too big this year!). You can also put it in a carafe and let folks spike it as they please, which allows for taste preferences and folks who don’t imbibe. 

I recently made this for our socially-distanced, outdoor family celebration for my son’s first birthday.  It was just the right drink to get people in a festive mood and take the chill off from the November breeze.  The crowd favorite spirit was Lawn Dart, a lemon-ginger liqueur from Old Fourth Distillery in Atlanta. I got custom stickers from Back to Basic, and I used some of them for the hot cups!  The pump carafe is several years old, but here’s a similar one (affiliate link).