I think we could all use a spa day.  Between canceled vacations, postponed weddings, remote learning, not leaving the house, and the general anxiety that comes from hundreds of thousands of people dying from a highly contagious virus… yeah, we could use a break.  Given that spas aren’t exactly the safest places to be right now, I’d like to share an easy way to bring the spa home to you.

One of my favorite simple pleasures at a spa is a scented, chilled towel.  It’s such a delightful way to cool down after a workout, yoga class, or sitting in a hot sauna.  I’m not going to the gym these days and unfortunately don’t have a sauna at home.  But I do spend my days lugging a giant baby around, and the Atlanta summer heat/humidity may as well be a steam room.  So I like to keep a container of chilled towels in the fridge for those times when I just need a minute to cool down and transport my mind somewhere far away. 

I use washcloths, and they don’t need to be fancy.  I found large hospitality packs at Costco for our Airbnb, and they’re perfect for this (24 for $11.99!).  I keep them in an airtight container in the fridge to make sure they don’t dry out, and they’ll keep for weeks.  

Before we get to a quick tutorial, a note on essential oils: I’m not an “essential oils person,” if you know what I mean.  No shame if you are, but I’m not super into them.  I do love scents, and I think aromatherapy is great.  So with that said, 1) please don’t try to sell me any oils, and 2) adding essential oils to your chilled towels is totally optional.  I like to use lavender oil because it’s calming.  But you go wild with whatever scent(s) you like, or omit them altogether. 

How to make chilled, scented towels:

Step 1: Gather clean washcloths, a large airtight container, a large bowl of cool water, and essential oils if using.

Step 2: Add a few drops of oil to the water, then submerge a washcloth in it.  Wring out most of the water back into the bowl.  On a clean surface, fold the towel in half, then roll it up and place it in your container.

Step 3: Repeat with remaining washcloths, adding more water and/or oil to the bowl as necessary.  Tightly cover the container and place it in the fridge.  Depending on how cold your water is, they may need an hour or so before they’re sufficiently chilled for use.

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